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  • What is the Safety Relay? Is the Safety Relay Good?

    What is the Safety Relay? The safety relay is the combination of several relays and circuits to complement each other’s abnormal defects in order to achieve the complete function of the relay with correct and low error probability. The lower the error and failure value is, the higher and safety f...
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  • Electrical Symbols and Contact Forms of Relays

    The relay is composed of two parts, that is, coil and contact group. Thus, the graphic symbol of the relay in the circuit diagram also includes two parts, that is, a long box represents the coil, and a set of contact symbols represent a combination of contacts. When the circuit with few contacts ...
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  • The Types of Relays

    There are a variety of relays, which can be divided into voltage relays, current relays, time relays, speed relays, and pressure relays according to the input. And based on the working principles of the relays, they can be divided into electromagnetic relays, inductive relays, protective relays a...
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  • The Working Principle and Function of Relay

    Definition – What is a relay? Relay is an electrical control device, which is an automatic switching element with isolation function. In this article, we, Wenzhou E-fun, will briefly introduce the working principle, usage and classification of relays, so that people can have a general under...
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  • Two Basic Functions of Intermediate Relays in Practical Applications

    There are mainly two basic usage of intermediate relay used in the practical application as indicated as below. 1. Intermediate relay contact extension, generally used in the main circuit mostly: For example: intermediate relays used in the main circuit, and AC contactor...
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  • Measurements Taken to Test Relays

    1.Testing Contact Resistance We can use the multimeter resistance to measure the resistance of constant closed contact and moving point, its resistance value should be 0, and the resistance value of constant open contact and moving point is infinite. It is thus possible to distinguish between a n...
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